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Corporate powerhouse Lockheart Industries is already making a mint, but too much money is never enough. Slick executive Philip comes up with a genius plan to privatise the air we breathe, with the 'Suck and Blow' filtering machine - guaranteed to cut down on smog and offer a better class of oxygen. It's an instant hit, and sales soar - but corporate greed rears its ugly head, ethics are blown away, and Philip's idea splits the planet into the haves and the have-nots - and if you can't pay, you don't breathe. 

Infused with the sarcastic, sharp wit that made Elton a household name, the play is a breathtaking, biting, brilliantly funny satire on the heartlessness of big business and the ruthlessness of the advertising industry. Continuing QTC's fertile collaboration with Western Australia's Black Swan State Theatre Company, Gasp! draws cast members from Brisbane and Perth. First performed in London in 1990, starring Hugh Laurie, it was the playwriting debut for stand-up comic Elton, who is still beloved for his scriptwriting on seminal sitcoms such as The Young Ones and Blackadder. Twenty-five years after Gasp! (previously known as Gasping) was written, Elton's first play hasn't run out of puff. Somewhat frighteningly, it seems to have become even more relevant. 

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