High Tea

Host business partners for high tea in our conference facilities in Canberra

Enjoy high tea at our conference facilities in Canberra. Let the talented chefs at Rydges Capital Hill Canberra create a premium experience for your next conference. Whatever your requirements, Rydges Capital Hill can add a professional touch to any business event.

Call our friendly event team today at 02 6232 0318 or email functions_capitalhill@rydges.com to make your high tea booking.

High Tea in our conference facilities in Canberra includes sweet and savoury treats, tea and coffee as well as a glass of champagne on arrival. $38 per person.

Tea Etiquette

There’s more to enjoying the perfect cuppa than meets the eye. Take the cup gently by the handle in one hand while holding the saucer in the other.  Your little finger doesn’t have to be extended. Ensure you hold the saucer under the cup while sipping your tea to prevent unsightly spillage. When stirring, avoid unwanted clinking noises by making sure you don’t hit the sides with the spoon. Leaving your spoon in the cup is a minor offence, but sipping your tea from it is harder to forgive.

Oh, and the milk should always go in last.

Table Settings

Afternoon tea is more of a light meal than mere liquid refreshment.  Luncheon/salad plates are the best size to use.

The teacup should be placed to the right of the place setting.

Turn the teacup handle out (pointing to the right of the cup) and the blade of the knife in (towards the plate).

Avoid heavily-scented candles and pungent-smelling flowers. The food and tea should provide all the perfume you need.

Place the napkin to the left of the plate or on the plate folded prettily or with a napkin ring.

If you’re using normal-sized butter knives instead of smaller utensils, knife rests are pretty much compulsory additions. Your guests will find it difficult to rest larger knives on the smaller plates required for afternoon tea.

Place cards always go down well.


A properly arranged formal table positions the napkin to the left side of the place setting. It should be folded with the closed edge to the left and the open edge to the right. This applies to napkins of all shapes, sizes and folds.

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