Rydges on Swanston | Local Area


The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is Australia's favourite Stadium and home to Australian Football (AFL) and the birthplace of Test Cricket. Built in 1853, it has since then established an incredible history, no short of drama and raw sporting emotion.

It's famous history has been made up from having played host to the some of the World's biggest sporting events including the Melbourne 1956 Olympics, 2006 Commonwealth Games, Australian World Cup soccer qualifiers, State of Origin, international rugby union and the Ashes series.

The Melbourne Cricket club manages the MCG and also is home to the national Sports Museum, where all its history has been captured and kept alive.

Other than sporting events, the MCG has staged incredible performers including Madonna, U2, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones and The Police.

The MCG has a maximum capacity of 100, 018, making it the tenth largest stadium in the world.

Located on the east side of the city in Jolimont, it is easily accessible from trams directly outside Rydges on Swanston.