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Gormley Sculptures Lake Ballard

See sculptures by world renowned artist Antony Gormley at one of Western Australia's most unusual and remote cultural attractions - Inside Australia: Antony Gormley Sculptures. The artwork is a collection of 51 steel sculptures standing over ten square kilometres apart, on the white salt plain of Lake Ballard. The sculptures travelled 780 kms from the foundry in Perth to the site on Lake Ballard, and it took a team of 18 volunteers 4 days to install all 51 sculptures. Temperatures on the site during the installation process reached 46 degrees celcius. His artistic masterpiece was entered into the Perth International Arts Festival in 2003, and even today continues to draw international attention and acclaim.


Lake Ballard is also a significant part of the region's salt lake system. It is a breeding habitat for many species of water fowl, as well as banded stilt which feeds on a special type of brine shrimp that only hatches after heavy rain. It should be pointed out that this is a very rare occurrence, having only happened 7 times in 215 years at Lake Ballard.


Lake Ballard is located 180 km from Kalgoorlie, via Menzies. Menzies can be accessed by sealed road, with the last 55 km to Lake Ballard being an unsealed sandstone road.  It is advisable to check road conditions before commencing the journey to Lake Ballard. The best viewing times are said to be early morning or late afternoon. Alternatively, Goldrush Tours offer a full day tour to Lake Ballard. For more information, including tour times, prices and availability, Goldrush Tours can be contacted on ph: 1800 620 440