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Team Building Activities

A plethora of team building events and opportunities await near our meeting rooms at Sydney Airport.

While meetings are meant to be productive at Rydges Sydney Airport, they are also an opportunity to do some team building. A variety of activities are available just a short drive from our meeting rooms at Sydney Airport so teams can get together and:

Plane Spotting is a unique idea for team building and makes the most of the area you are already in. You can do this as a group or seperate into teams and the group with the best photo wins! There are spots within walking distance or you have the option of discounted hire car rates with Europcar to get the team around. Click here to visit our Plane Spotting page for information and a list of areas around the Airport. 

Bowl: Manhattan Superbowl at Mascot is a fun and retro way to bring out employees’ competitive sides. Include a meal to rev the team up. Visit for information.

Golf: Kogarah Golf Course is a short trip from our meeting rooms in Sydney and is great for a large group to test its skills no matter what level or experience. Visit for information.

BeChallenged: Collaboration, effective communication and strong leadership are the foundations of an effective team. This company near our meeting rooms in Sydney aims to design team building activities, games and exercises that are tailored to your specific objectives to ensure a positive and rewarding experiential learning event that will have lasting benefits in the workplace. Among the activities recommended are:

  • Team Opportunity: Assessing and evaluating risk versus reward is an important part of business and life. In this program, teams are placed in a position where they will have to identify certain levels of risk in accordance with their team’s pre-determined strategies and objectives. Team members will need to understand and believe in others to be the winner of the day. Visit for information.
  • The Amazing Race: The prize may not be a million dollars and you may not cover all the corners of the globe, but the fundamentals of the race remain the same. The team that shows superior speed, cunning and teamwork will come out on top. Roadblocks, detours and yields all become part of a successful day in which groups learn a lot about themselves. Visit for information.
  • Metro Mayhem: So much to do and so little time. Every second counts, and your team has to be able to prioritise between what is important and what is really important. In this fun-filled challenge, teams will have to complete a number of cryptic, interactive activities and finish first with the most time bonuses and least penalties. Visit for information.

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