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Television ian 12/22/2012

Here we are, rounding the final turn for 2012 and thought I’d look back at the Year of the Dragon…

Best TV show… a tie between the Aussie drama about Kerry Packer and the cricket revolution, Howzat (Lachy Hulme was outstanding) and Episodes (Matt LeBlanc brilliant as was the script and support cast) – original, brave, funny. Series 3 is my only ‘must see’ so far for 2013. The makers of Howzat have also been asked to produce more ‘Packer packages’. Could wear a bit thin I fear...

Worst TV show? – The Shire­ – the first episode was so bad it was riveting but rather than make the train wreck even more addictive, they strove for mediocrity and fell way short. Yawn.