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News ian 8/10/2013

They say that a week is a long time in politics. It certainly felt like it for me. And I’m sure for Stephanie Banister, Jaymes Diaz and Peter Dowling.  Forget which parties they belong to, they are at the core of why many of us are simply fed up with, and distrustful of politicians.  Surely we deserve better?

You couldn’t help feeling a tad sorry for the hapless Jaymes Diaz who bravely announced his party’s six point plan to turn back the boats then struggled to recall even just one of those points before having a total meltdown.

You couldn’t feel at all sorry for Peter Dowling, the former chairman of the Ethics Commission in Queensland. It’s none of my business if a politician has an affair – although I do wonder how he/she finds the time - but Dowling’s affair was a doozy. His mistress dumped on him big time after he dumped her – apparently they had sex in his parliamentary office, the taxpayers footed the bill when he took her away on overseas junkets and he sexted her with a photo of his penis in a glass of red wine. Apart from the lewd absurdity, where is his logic and common sense?  I don’t want this man making decisions on my behalf! At least that one came with some amusing reporting – like the headline that called him a ‘plonker’… and the person who gave the language a new verb, to ‘dowl’… but the best headline was one suggested by SMH columnist, Mike Carlton – ‘COQ AU VIN’…

And as for poor One Nation Stephanie’s inability to explain while attempting to think beyond her means… it was a week in politics she won’t forget after making headlines around the world as Australia’s answer to Sarah Palin. In case you missed it, among many, many gaffes she referred to Islam as a country and that “Jews follow Jesus Christ”. In her defence she said she was taken out of context – it seemed more that she was taken out of kindergarten - and she has now taken herself out of the race.

As for the serious side of politics – you’d have to say that Abbott won the week on points overall but Rudd won the play of the week with former Premier, Peter Beattie, announcing that he is standing in the marginal seat of Forde. That electorate, by the way, is named after Frank Forde, the 15th Prime Minister of Australia, who held the top job for just eight days.  That was a long week in politics!


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