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Drink/Dine ian 1/9/2014

It’s a unique little gourmet delight, the pie floater – it contains most of the essential Australian food groups – meat, pastry, greens and tomato sauce. Yep, it is a meat pie, floating in a plate of thick pea soup (doesn’t matter which way up) and most diners reach for the tomato sauce bottle to garnish. Forget the traditional late night lamb sandwich from the kebab shop after a big night out in Adelaide – the pie cart beckons!

Having a wee Google, it looks like the ol’ floater orginated in Port Pyrie in the 19th century when a bloke by the name of Ern ‘Shorty’ Bradley either had a lightbulb culinary moment or inadvertently dropped his pie into the soup and thought, “stuff it, that’ll do…” Whatever the origin, it caught on and in 2003 was designated a South Australia Heritage Icon by the National Trust of Australia.

At Rydges South Park Adelaide you probably won't find a floater on the menu, but The Deck restaurant can knock up a sensational soup of the day with charred Turkish bread.



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