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Arts/Culture ian 4/24/2014

Shaun GladwellField Recordings: Shaun Gladwell is a unique exhibition produced expressly for the Samstag Museum of Art.

Internationally acclaimed Australian artist Shaun Gladwell, a 2001 Samstag Scholar, draws on his profound 2009 experience and memories as the Australian War Memorial’s official war artist.

In Field Recordings, Gladwell has created an installation that effectively reflects on his momentous undertaking in recording the ordeal and reality of war, an experience that had a profound effect on the artist’s life and practice. In the process, he takes a personal opportunity to honour his own father and grandfather, who served militarily in the Vietnam and Second World Wars, respectively.

Shaun GladwellThis exhibition runs until May 16 and, in tandem, is Afghanistan, a second Shaun Gladwell exhibition (until July 18). This is an Australian War Memorial Travelling Exhibition, supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

These two exhibitions acknowledge and reflect on the grave reality and immense personal impact of war.

Admission is free

Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, 55 North Terrace, Adelaide

Times - (Closed Sundays & Mondays) - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 11:00am to 5:00pm, Thursday 11:00am to 7:00pm.

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Top photo: BPOV MEAO (Behind Point of View, Middle East Area of Operations) 2009-2010, bottom photo Sleeping Soldiers 2013.