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Meet The Team ian 3/25/2014

Meet Rydges Auckland's Emma Sharplin

At Rydges our teams are made up of many and varied people who have many and varied interests. We have Thai folk dancers, darts champions and fire jugglers. And who knows what they get up to outside work?! Our staff members work in all sorts of areas like reservations, food & beverage, sales & marketing, housekeeping, maintenance and even management. Some make decisions on advertising, some look after valet parking and some fold the toilet paper into that welcoming little triangle. And every person on staff has one thing in common – they are all important cogs in the Rydges wheel that goes round and round and round to make our guests our number one priority. We thought you might like to meet some of our people…

Rydges Auckland’s Fiona Dpenha cornered her colleague, Emma, for this ‘interview’…


Auckland Profile 2We have always heard these two strong words go together ‘Beauty with Brains’ but how many of you actually know of people who live up to this title?  Well, I’m sure very few! I know of someone who does complete justice to this.

Introducing Emma Sharplin: Conference and Event sales Executive at Rydges Auckland.

A dynamic lady with a great sense of wittiness and a ravishing taste in fashion.  She walks into work with a lovely smile on her face, even Mondays fail to take that away from her.  Conference and Events at Rydges Auckland wouldn’t be easy flowing if it wasn’t for her.

I caught her during work hours and asked her if she could answer a few questions for me, as busy as she was (now who is not busy working at Rydges) Emma kept aside her work and with a big broad smile on her face was ready to be interviewed....

Fiona: Hey Emma, tell me something about yourself?

Emma : (Giggles) I don’t know what to say (still smiling ) Okay, I love the colour  purple. I believe dogs are adorable, I have a small doggie of my own.  

Fiona: Tell me one thing you like and one thing you dislike.

Emma: I like fishing and completely dislike running.

Fiona: So, what so you do over the weekends?

Emma: On a normal weekend I would catch up with friends (usually over a wine and delicious food), visit family, fishing if the weather is good and of course the dreaded house work!

Fiona: What music do you listen too?

Emma: Pretty much anything except for heavy metal.

Fiona: What is your  favourite holiday destination?

Emma: The islands (Fiji or Rarotonga)

Fiona: What is your favourite part of your job?

Emma: No day is ever the same, the people I work with and the staff discounts are pretty good too!

Fiona: What is your favourite part of the hotel?

Emma: Sunbathing on the Rooftop Terrace – such an amazing view!

Fiona: That’s all the questions I have, thanks a lot Em.

Emma: You’re welcome! 



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