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Weddings ian 5/9/2014

The team who organises Rydges Auckland weddings cannot lie - they love big weddings… Weddings are great! Weddings are beautiful! Weddings are magical!


Auckland Hayley WeddingEvery girl dreams of a perfect wedding from the time she’s a kid. She dreams of putting on the most beautiful gown and her prince charming on a white horse riding her away to a new beginning. No, I am not going to start a fairy tale story here. This is not Cinderella, let’s snap back to reality.

The word ‘perfect’ is taken to a whole new level when planning a wedding... The perfect venue, the perfect cake, the perfect food, the perfect decor, the perfect dress! It is more about everything being perfect than the simple joy of getting married. Harsh but true! Couples want that one day to be remembered forever. You can’t blame them for that. To have a perfect wedding is more of a stress than anything else.

But wait, Rydges Auckland comes to the rescue and puts those wedding blues away.

Our Rooftop Terrance is one in a million when it comes to the ‘Perfect Location/Venue’ - the view of the Sky tower and the Waitemata harbour is delightful. It makes you fall in love with the city over and over again. We make sure that we offer top class food at the wedding, keeping in with the perfect standards. We all know that a wedding is judged by the food served. The colours and decorations are set according to the wishes of the couple.

Our events and operations team does a great job catering to the needs of the wedding couples. They strive and make every wedding a memorable one.

So if you looking for a breathtaking stylish location for your wedding look no further than the Rooftop Terrace. It will surely add the WOW factor to your wedding. We promise an everlasting impression. Cheers to many more weddings at our rooftop! Oh! And congraulations to Hayley and Eli (photo).

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