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Promotion ian 2/8/2013

I love creative minds.  Like many restaurants and hotels around the country, Rydges Cronulla is throwing a party on February 14 in the Mundo Latin Bar & Grill… but it is a party with a difference – it will be The Shire’s first Anti-Valentine's Day Party!

They are asking guests to be single…  to be sexy… to be smug.  And why not?  Every Valentine’s Day people without partners can save a fortune on flowers, mushy cards and not getting ripped off with overpriced restaurant menus - but there’s no reason to be sitting home alone.

If you are single and in the Shire, the bash kicks off at 6pm… and any couples trying to crash the party separately to be part of the fun WILL be spotted.  Apparently boredom and discontent just can’t be hidden.



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