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Fundraising ian 5/16/2014

A volunteer team from Rydges South Bank recently dropped in to Brisbane’s Wonder Factory at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Brisbane’s Wonder Factory“The Wonder Factory is an interactive entertainment room with an emphasis on kids being in control of what is happening to them – a welcome change from their daily hospital lives.”

The Children’s Hospital Foundation is the corporate charity for AHL, the parent company for Rydges Hotels. Funds donated by Rydges staff on weekly basis are matched by AHL and go towards sustaining support facilities such as the Wonder Factory, as well as a number of leading research projects.

A big thank-you to the Rydges staff who helped make this day a special one for the kids in hospital – in the photo left to right, Patrick Sattler, Kelsie Preston, B2, Tayla Eguia, Blake Finlay, Lily-Anne Hamer and Joey Macaranas in front… and will hand the keyboard to Tayla to comment on how the day went…

“Volunteering for the Wonder Factory gave us a chance to put a smile on the faces of sick kids along with their brothers and sisters. Throughout the afternoon the group interacted with the children, playing board games and painting as well as engaging in several other activities that the Wonder Factory has to offer. One group spent the afternoon in the wonder factory itself while a select few were given the opportunity to take the fun to the bedsides of those children that are unfortunately too sick to leave their wards.  Overall, the day proved to be a very rewarding experience with staff, children and parents alike thoroughly enjoying themselves. We look forward to the opportunity to volunteer again at the Royal Children’s Hospital.”

And we’re sure they are looking forward to your next visit! Oh - and the one in the middle is not actually on staff with the Rydges team. He’s a famous banana. The second banana, in fact, and he is certainly dressed for a stay in hospital – thanks to both B1 and B2 as well!



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