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News ian 2/19/2014

NT NewsDarwin NT News headlines often make headlines of their own in other media. Like here. In fact, they make more headlines than a corduroy pillow.

It’s not just that more bizarre things happen in the tropical Top End, just that the locals have a sense of humour unlike anywhere else on the planet and don’t take themselves, or life, too seriously.

It is hard to single out even six of the best but here are a bunch of beauties… dare I say, you wouldn’t read about it!

  • Man Stabbed by Clown
  • Why I Stuck a Cracker up my Clacker
  • Skippy Causes Plane Crash
  • Best Man Left Bleeding after Being Hit in the Head by Flying Dildo
  • Man Arrested after Cops Spot Suspiciously Small Package in his Undies
  • Frog Struck Down by Lightning
  • Giant Snake in Loo
  • Catnappers Shaved My Pussy
  • Horny Ghost Haunts House
  • Dead Woman Told to Mow her Lawn
  • School Closed by Poo Dramas
  • Naked Woman Hit with Thongs
  • Plan to Tax Cows for Farting
  • Bus Driver Bashed with Watermelon
  • Is this Bloke a Complete Tosser? (Court told driver filmed himself masturbating… at 150km/h)


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