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Promotion ian 3/18/2013

Where has the year gone?!  Easter already… sheesh.

Easter means many things to many people – it may have Biblical significance, it may have a slight traditional religious tilt with fish on Good Friday and some hot-cross buns or it may be all about chocolate eggs and the Easter Bunny… but for everyone around Australia and New Zealand, it is a holiday.  Oh!  And blatant plug – there are some great Easter packages still available at Rydges.

So… how well do you know Easter?  10 quick questions (the answers below):

1. On which of these days was Jesus crucified?

a) Good Friday b) Ash Wednesday c) Easter Sunday d) Shrove Tuesday

2. Who was the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection?

3. While the crucifixion is covered in the New Testament (John 19), Easter is one of two Christian holidays that can be traced to Old Testament times. Easter is in Isaiah 53, what’s the other holiday?

4. Name a country in which egg-rolling is a traditional Easter event.

5. What were the other two blokes crucified for?

6. In which country is there a contemporary tradition of reading or watching murder mysteries at Easter?  Hint - those crazy Scandinavians...

7. In Bermuda, the ascent of Christ is symbolized by what?

a) Balloons b) Kites c) Doves d) Triangles

8. Which Jewish religious event often coincides with Easter?

9. In the UK, what is the day before Lent begins called?

10. How long does Lent last?

1. Good Friday

2. Mary Magdalene

3. Pentecost

4. Any of these - USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Lithuania, Egypt

5. They were thieves

6. Norway

7. Kites

8. Passover

9. Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day

10. 40 days (and nights)


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