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Sport,Event ian 6/11/2014

Well, slap my wrist for calling it soccer but the World Cup ‘football’ is finally here and even we who don’t normally follow the round-ball sport are interested to see whether our underdog Socceroos can pull off an upset or two.

Rydges Sydney Airport has got the international World Cup fever and will be broadcasting every World Cup game live in the Touchdown Sports Bar PLUS having Happy Hour during the games as well as discounted menu items. This side of Brazil there’ll no better place to be part of the action.

Because of the time zone difference, most games will kick off in our morning – 2:00am, 5:00am, 6:00am, 8:00am or 11:00am but there is a fine Aussie tradition when it comes to sport and enjoying a beverage – somewhere in the world it is Drinks o’clock – like Brazil!

The first match is Brazil V Croatia on Friday June 13 at 6:00am and Australia takes on Chile at 8:00am on Saturday, June 14, which is still the day before Brazil local time. Friday 13th is unlucky for some, they’ll be saying in Santiago as televisions are thrown out of windows following our first upset! For a match draw and Brazil local times visit www.fifa.com/worldcup

The main interest for most of us is in how our lads are going and the first stage matches for Australia after the Chile game (Sydney local time) are against The Netherlands on Thursday, June 19 (2:00am), and Spain on Tuesday, June 24 (2:00am). For the others in group, Spain plays the Netherlands on Saturday, June 14 (5:00am) and Chile on Thursday, June 19 (5:00am) with The Netherlands playing Chile on Tuesday, June 24 (2:00am). The final happens at 5:00am on Monday, July 14.

Of course, the team at Rydges Sydney Airport are totally multicultural and unbiased… but they might indulge in a little green and gold flag waving… and why not, aren’t they Brazil’s colours???


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