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Hotel News ian 4/1/2014

Prime West Grill at Rydges Kalgoorlie Resort and Spa is pleased to continue its commitment of providing the freshest and best produce possible in line with its philosophy of ‘From Paddock to Plate’.

As such, the resort has teamed with Western Australian honey producer ‘The House of Honey’ to provide free range honey for their in-house guests.

"The current mass production of honey through the battery style farming of bees is not only detrimental to the bees’ health but does not produce what we believe to be superior product," said resort General Manager, Edward Brennan.

Free range bees are allowed to roam free on bee farms, allowing them to live in their natural habitat. They are then corralled for their honey production. Rupert, from The House of Honey, did state that he believes he has lost many bees due to this as they have simply flown off. However he believed that in the long term, being able to provide free range honey would be beneficial.

Once corralled the bees are humanely anesthetized and transported directly to the restaurant. In transit they are played soft classical music to ensure that they are relaxed when they arrive.  It is there they are then milked for their honey providing the best possible product. Tamara Holland, Head Chef, stated that whilst it was time consuming for her apprentices to milk the bees, it taught them dexterity and finesse, which helped develop the rest of their skills in the kitchen.

200 bees produced 20mls of honey, with the hope that could be increased to 30mls through more practice.


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