Attraction ian 1/6/2014

The Gladstone Observer recently responded to the recent article published on the 100 things to do in Australia before you die.  The Observer came up with a ‘bucket list’ of 30 things to do in the Gladstone region, in no particular order – and while it was in ‘no particular order’, number one was ‘testing your hiking and climbing skills by climbing Mt Larcom.

Mt Larcom is sometimes called ‘Lion Mountain’ or ‘The Sleeping Giant’, depending on whether your imagination sees a lion and lioness facing each other or, well, a sleeping giant. Matthew Flinders named it in 1802, after a sea-faring chap he had served under, Captain Thomas Larcom. It’s wonder he didn’t run out of names for mountains when he circumnavigated Australia. The mountain is 632m avove see level and can be seen from Gladstone (north-west).

It is a challenging climb but anyone with a reasonable level of fitness should be able to do it. It is steep in parts so not suitable for little kids. The mountain is of volcanic origin and walkers pass through light eucalypt forests on the way up. Fairly experienced walkers will take a couple of hours to reach the peak where the reward is a 360 degree view of the Gladstone area, out to the reef and up to Rockhampton.

Best time to climb is in the morning and in the cooler months. Inexperienced walkers should make a note to wear walking shows, at least a litre of water, a snack, a hat, sunscreen, a small first-aid kit, camera/phone and a backpack so hands are free. Let someone not going with you know where you are going. Experienced walkers will know all that and will also know how to handle there not being toilet facilities.

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