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Concert ian 1/6/2014

Blunt by name, blunt by nature, entertainer by trade, entertainer by Twitter. James Blunt is a funny man – very witty, self-deprecating and likeable in these replies to his ‘critics’ on Twitter…

James Blunt just has an annoying face and a highly irritating voice…

JB: … And no mortgage.

Does anyone still care about James Blunt?

JB: … Thanks for asking.

I must be 1 of only 2 who genuinely likes every James Blunt song. The other person being him.

JB: … Nope, you're on your own.

Bloody hell why is James Blunt still going?

JB: … Viagra and coffee mostly.

Don't know if I can imagine much worse than James Blunt's new album…

JB: … Kids these days have no imagination.

Every time that James Blunt opens his mouth I'd like to punch him in it…

JB: Glad you're not my dentist.

I cannot put into words how much I hate James Blunt…

JB: Try singing it.

Does anyone else HATE James Blunt's voice? I can't stand it..

JB: … I never liked the sound of my own voice. Till it made me rich.

Why you only got 200k followers?

JB: … Jesus only needed twelve.

James Blunt's back with a new single! This may be the worst thing that's happened in my life.

JB: … Good sense of perspective there.

Why does James Blunt sing like his willy is being stood on?

JB: … Damn thing's always getting caught under my feet.

I love James Blunt as much as I love herpes…

JB: … I love that you're not ashamed to admit you have both.

Is there one single James Blunt fan out there?

JB: … Most of them are single.

I want to kick James Blunt… repeatedly… I don’t know why.

JB: … Easy spelling mistake as K and L are right beside each other.

For the record, we think James Blunt is also a class act on stage and here are the tour dates and venues for the May/June Down Under tour:

  • Auckland Civic Centre – 28th May
  • Sydney State Theatre – 30th & 31st May
  • Newcastle Civic Centre – 1st June
  • Brisbane Convention Centre – 2nd June
  • Darwin Convention Centre – 4th June
  • Adelaide AEC Theatre – 6th June
  • Canberra Royal Theatre – 7th June
  • Melbourne Plenary Hall – 8th June
  • Hobart Derwent Entertainment Centre – 10th June
  • Perth Riverside Theatre – 13th June