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The Kalgoorlie Post & Telegraph Office is evidence that post offices were extremely important institutions in days gone by. They were up there with banks and court houses both architecturally and as an important part of the community fabric.

Gens X and Y will never really understand the importance of the role post offices played in communication. These days they are aware that Australia Post is handy for delivering parcels of stuff ordered online. They have probably also observed that old people still use post offices to pay bills and that archaic habit of sending/receiving Christmas cards – but, parcels acide, with email, social media and B-Pay, do they really serve a purpose?

Kalgoorlie Post OfficeThe Kalgoorlie Post Office was completed in 1899 along with those heady days of the gold rush era. It was the only way people could contact the outside world – in an emergency, via telegraph and by snail mail to get in touch with family and friends. They were also important in the commercial world – it was used to send invoices and make payments by cheque.

One look at the impressive heritage-listed Kalgoorlie Post Office tells you how important it once was. The soft pink stone is beautifully crafted and the Hannan Street building with its stunning clock tower dominates the centre of town.

You can visit the old post office in conjunction with the other buildings in the Government Precinct which include the Warden’s Court and Offices, the Mines Department and the Courts of Justice. All these buildings were designed by the government architect J H Grainger around the same time as the post office.

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