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Attraction ian 7/5/2014

St Barbara Square and Statue is in the heart of Kalgoorlie.  There is a beautiful statue and fountain dedicated to Saint Barbara, who is recognised as the Patron Saint of Miners. The square is a lovely spot to just sit and relax.

Visit Kalgoorlie in December, and you can be a part of the St Barbara’s Mining and Community Festival which takes place in St Barbara’s Square. It was created to celebrate the strength of the mining industry. There is always plenty of entertainment and a street parade.

Incidentally, in Catholicism there is pretty much a patron saint for every occupation, person or thing and St Barbara, the Patron Saint of Miners is not to be confused with St Nicholas, who is the Patron Saint of Minors… and there isn’t a Patron Saint of Mynas because they are bird pests imported from India. In fact, they probably come under the umbrella of St Gall, the Patron Saint of Birds. For some more Patron Saint Trivia, the Patron Saint of Alcoholics is St Monica, St Fiacre is the Patron Saint of gardeners, taxi drivers and people who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases and the Patron Saint of the Internet is St Isidore of Seville. True!

The statue and fountain can be found in St Barbara’s Square on Hannan Street in Kalgoorlie and for all your accommodation needs, Rydges Kalgoorlie Resort & Spa.



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