Attraction ian 10/28/2012

If you visit the main attractions in London it is impossible to miss the London Eye – it sits on the Thames just across Westminster Bridge from the Houses of Parliament.  It is the city’s most popular paid tourist attraction with three and a half million people hopping on every year.  It doesn’t take a calculator to work out that it has more than covered its £70million construction cost in 2000.

From Rydges Kensington we jumped in a cab – just a short trip and it was via Buckingham Palace where a squirrel was frolicking on Birdcage Walk (love squirrels!).

Technically, the eye is a Ferris wheel but when inside one of the pods, it doesn’t feel like a ‘ride’.  It is a leisurely half hour of viewing London from above – you can stroll around the pod or sit and absorb the scenery and landmarks that 'pass’.

We were warned of long queues and advised to book ahead but we just turned up and it was only a matter of minutes.

The Eye is super wheelchair friendly BTW with wide ramps at the ticket area and the attraction as well as to get into and out of the pod (assistants with a portable ramp).  There are discounts for the disabled and carers get free admission.