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Attraction ian 10/17/2012

The world’s greatest museum of decorative art and design, the Victoria and Albert Museum, is just around the corner from Rydges in Kensington.  The V&A building itself is stunning and you need a bit of time because there are some 27,000 items spanning a period of 3,000 years.  Admission is free so if you allow, say, four hours, you could allocate time another day to re-visit if you fall in love with the place.  There are also special exhibitions like Hollywood Costumes (Oct 20 to Jan 27).

Your humble blogger was there last week but only with a designated four hours so I had a strategy to take in the bits that interested me.  I usually couldn’t give a potter’s toss for ceramics but was taking a shortcut through the contemporary ceramics section when I fell in love with a little girl – ‘Girl Baptised in Gold’ to be precise – a lovely piece by Finnish sculptor Kim Simonsson (2008).  Drawing on the imagery of Japanese manga cartoons he has created an almost life-sized darling girl that is both surreal and beautiful.



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