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News ian 8/13/2013

Ahhh… remember the good old days…? Way, way back when everyone used Internet Explorer… or even Netscape… and we would search for things online only using Yahoo… way back before that whatsamajig-thingumy called Facebook… and Twitter… and Linkedin… and Pinterest... and Instagram… and Vine… and Google+…and Snapchat and… and… and…

Hang on! – I can remember the 1980’s and typing on a typewriter!!! For the Gen X, Y and Zeds, typewriters were things we used to bang out our written thoughts before computers and keyboards came about. We won’t go into carbon paper…

I fondly recall my first computer. It was an Apple McIntosh Plus with a massive 4MB of RAM and a slot for a floppy – this magnificent machine passed away with a sad face the night the millennium ticked over... a little programming glitch because someone didn’t realise that one day we would run out years that started with 19.

My point?  That things evolve so quickly… and in direct proportion to how quickly something can disappear if it is outdated, outmoded or if it outstays its welcome. I just read an article on Mashable written by a 13-year-old from New York by the name of Ruby Karp. Ruby doesn’t use Facebook anymore, nor do her friends. You see, Facebook just isn’t trending – and really, what teenager wants to hang in a place where her grandmother is her ‘friend’?

Hmm… I wonder what will happen if Facebook goes the way of skittles… Will blogging go the way of letters handwritten in ink… Should I listen out for my children, the harbingers… “Oh father, get a life… blogging is just sooooooo 2013!”