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Sport ian 3/21/2013

It seemed to take an eternity to get the 2013 AFL season under way.  There has been a lot of controversy off the field and maybe those headlines contributed to making it feel like an eternity, but the season has now been officially launched and the competition gets under way this weekend.

Frederich Nietzsche said “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.  That flashed through my mind when I read the honest eloquence in AFL chief executive, Alex Demetriou’s speech.  He didn’t gloss over any of the problems the game has to face but was totally positive in attitude… he ended the speech with three simple paragraphs…

“…2013 must be a year of solidarity, of great purpose, blended by just the right mix of optimism and realism, and driven by the values that formed our game and the culture of our sport…

… 2013 is our chance to do great things for our game, to reset the foundations that have been shaken, and to drive our destiny to new outcomes, new successes and new pride…

…2013 is the year that we remind everyone that Australian Rules Football is the greatest game—it's authentic, it's beautiful, it's eternal, and it's ours.”

Let the games begin!