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Attraction,Travel ian 3/6/2014

There is an online tourism commercial promoting Port Macquarie that is simply beautiful and beautifully simple. It is titled, Little Treasures and the Joy of Being 8 is a great little blog article on the Port Macquarie tourism website. The Little Treasures video is below

They both reminded me of my first family holiday in Port Macquarie – there was plenty of time for just enjoying all the things that really matter in life – the kids, your partner and the things that simply make life rewarding – nature, food, wine, exploring and discovery. Anyway, enough words because the pictures in the 90 second video pretty much say it all!

Here's a link to a beautifully written Joy of Being Eight article by Deborah Church. Deborah enjoyed carefree summer holidays in Port Macquarie when she was eight years old... and another 50 years later. Recently she watched her granddaughter at the age of eight enjoy her own carefree summer holidays. Things change and things stay the same. This summer Deborah reclaimed those wonderful holidays of her youth. Sun, sand, sea, a snooze and a hit of cricket. Lovely!

Oh! And two accommodation treasures in Port Macquarie are Rydges in the CBD and Sails Resort by Rydges at the marina.


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