Attraction ian 1/14/2014

Luna Park is a Sydney icon and is located at Milsons Point under the northern end of the Harbour Bridge. Visitors can get there by train, bus, car or ferry. The park has been entertaining Sydneysiders since 1935. It has been totally refurbished but there’s still lots of the old world charm, especially in Coney Island where there are the totally fun (but not high on the adrenalin Richter) experiences like the Mirror Maze, the Wheel of Joy, Barrels of Fun and the mat slides. Another favourite ride that is still on the gentle scale is the 40m Ferris Wheel that gives a great view of the park, the harbour and the bridge. And, of course, Sideshow Alley remains a favourite with the Laughing Clowns, Knock’ems and the Shooting Gallery etc.

For those looking for an adrenalin rush there’s Hair Raiser – get taken 50m above sea level and then be dropped at 80km per hour to be back to earth in less than a second – and Freak Out, that swings riders 120 degrees while being 21 metres in the air. There are heaps of other rides and you can check them out and get all other info on the official Luna Park website here. One of your humble blogger’s favourites as a kiddie was The Wild Mouse. It’s a ride where the circuit isn’t banked and the cars zip around the 400 metre circuit in just 61 seconds. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity comes to mind – it certainly feels a lot longer than a minute! Part of the illusion is that the cars are much wider than the track and you do feel like you are about to be flung into the harbour.

Here is a bit of a teaser for the Wild Mouse and Rydges North Sydney is handy for all your accommodation needs.