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Travel ian 7/14/2013

If you are going to Canberra, Old Parliament House is certainly worth a visit.  It is now home to the Museum of Australian Democracy.  The chambers (House of Representatives and the Senate) still see lively debates from visiting school students and there are some good interactive exhibitions.  Time and place have been preserved very well.

There are still clocks on the toilet walls with red and green lights to alert the ‘sitting’ members that they were now required in the House of Reps (green) or The Senate (red).  It is interesting to check out the female senator’s bathroom.  Women first entered parliament in 1943 and, until 1974, female MPs had to use the staff bathrooms because the House toilets were for male members only.  The urinal that was closed up in 1974 is still there.  Guess they thought that female politicians would be a passing phase.


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