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News ian 1/7/2014

They say everything old is new again and Old Spice sure has a way of reinventing itself. I don’t want to date myself , but it was in our bathroom cabinet way before Brut 33. It has actually been around for some 75 years and is as fresh as a daisy in the marketing stakes.

A couple of years ago they had viral success with the smooth-talking, six-pack strutting, towel-wearing hunk Isaiah Mustafa (top) inviting women to watch The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. This latest campaign, ‘Mom Song’ has also gone viral, racking up 1.3 million hits within days of launch. It’s not at all sexy – in fact, it is somewhat creepy, showing a bunch of doting mothers stalking their sons as they move from boyhood to adulthood via a relationship. The tagline is ‘Smellcome to Manhood’ and I guess the ad is targeting both adolescent blokes and their parents who might still be footing the cost of toiletries.

Funny? Creepy? Clever? You be the judge: