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Attraction ian 3/26/2014

On Saturday (and most Saturdays) you can indulge in a chocolate walking tour of Perth CBD. Chocolate and exercise – what a fabulous combination!

The tour lasts around two and a half hours and starts and finishes in Forrest Place. Guests get to visit seven different venues and chocolate tastings are included in the price (average $35) – if you wish to take some chockies home for further delicious research, discounts are offered at some of the venues.

Apart from giving in to pleasure there is no need for any guilt because it is all in the name of education! You will learn...

  • The deep, dark, mysterious history of chocolate
  • How chocolate is crafted
  • How to tell quality chocolate using smell, sight, feel and ingredients
  • How to taste and get the most from it
  • How to store chocolate


Fabienne is the experienced tour guide and chocolate aficionado.

The walking isn’t strenuous but there is a fair bit of it (with a sit down break). They ask that guests are mobile and over 10 years of age. Wear comfortable walking shoes and if it looks like rain, take an umbrella.

For bookings, email Dani – dani@foodi.com.au or phone 1300 394 041 – and there is a website – www.foodi.com.au.

Oh! And of course for a nice meal or drink after this taste-teasing indulgence, Rydges Perth with make you welcome - or indulge some more and stay overnight!



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