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Port Macquarie Camel Safaris happen on Lighthouse Beach and it is a terrific experience. While camels may be called the ‘ships of the desert’ you get plenty of sand without the desert and lots of water views without boarding a ship – you get a gentle ride up on one of these wonderful animals, high enough to enjoy views out to sea that may include dolphins frolicking off shore or passing whales during the mating season.

Port Macquarie Camel SafariThe cameleers who will be your guides are fun and welcoming and full of fascinating camel facts and stories.

Here's a bit of camel trivia... Not that the breeze on Lighthouse Beach will be strong enough to test this fact, but camels have the ability to close their nostrils to prevent sand getting up their nose… they also have an extra eyelid, long lashes and very hairy ears to keep sand out of other places… baby camels (calves) are born without a hump – the hump(s) develop with maturity and they don’t contain water but just fat, which can be converted into energy… and according to my Googling, there are a few terms for a group of camels including 'herd', 'flock', 'train', 'caravan' and 'carriage'...

This safari is an experience that will give a lifetime memory and probably one of the more unusual selfies! Port Macquarie Camel Safaris are at lighthouse Beach, 1km south of the Surf Coub on Matthew Flinders Drive. Tours operate every day but Saturday from 9:30am to 1:00pm (2:00pm during school holidays) weather permitting. Here is a link to the safari website.

If you are visiting Port Macquarie, Rydges in the CBD and Sails Resort by Rydges will give you a warm welcome and look after all your accommodation needs.



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