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News ian 10/22/2013

There’s so much bad news around it is lovely occasionally to see some plain ol’ warm & fuzzy nice stuff happening… you may have seen/heard/read about this but here’s the story…

A waitress and single mum by the name of Sarah Hoidahl from New Hampshire was working the lunch shift and she served two female National Guard members. The diners decided to have something light because they were on forced unpaid furlough because of the government shutdown. The lunch bill came to $27.75 and instead of presenting them with the bill, Sarah give them a note she had written – “Thanks to the gov shutdown the people like you that protect this country are not getting paid. However I still am. Lunch is on me! Thank you for serving ladies! Have a good day! Sarah :-)” – this meant that 22yo Sarah took home $8 for her work that day, not enough to pay for petrol. Anyway…

The National Guard members shared the story on Facebook and it was spotted by the producers of the TV show, Ellen. Ellen Degeneres arranged for Sarah to be flown to California to appear on Ellen and be thanked for her kindness to others. In a nutshell, Sarah was repaid for her generosity a couple of times over – of course it didn’t hurt the ratings, but you just put that cynicism back in the cupboard and enjoy this five minute TV segment – I’m pretty certain you will get a huge warm and fuzzy from it!



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