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Cinema ian 9/1/2013

The Best Offer opened in cinemas around Australia on Thursday and it is pretty much 'The Geoffrey Rush Show' – the role suits him totally and he embraces the opportunity with relish.

The central character, Virgil Oldman, is a solitary, cultured high-end antiques dealer who has a bit of trouble relating to other people, especially women. He receives a phone call from a mysterious young heiress who invites him to evaluate some family works of art… and a most unpredictable relationship ensues.

It is a movie that seduces, engages, intrigues and entertains. Jim Sturgess gives good support, Donald Sutherland has a nice little pivotal role and Sylvia Hoeks plays the convincing heiress.

This one is for fans of movies like The King’s Speech and thrillers that require a bit of a post-mortem - and Rush’s performance is probably worthy of another Oscar nomination. The film runs 131 minutes and is rated M because of a sex scene, a bit of coarse language and violence.

I overheard someone leaving the cinema saying, "...a flawed masterpiece". I would agree and, despite a bit of clunky dialogue, it gets four stars from me... Geoffrey's character didn't see it coming and neither did I. Recommended.


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