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Humour ian 8/28/2013

Where did all those uncalled for snowboarder jokes originate? I mean…


This guy returns from the slopes, walks into the Squires Bar and says "Hey, I got this great snowboarder joke…"

The bartender says, "Steady on, I'm a snowboarder, the guy on your left is a snowboarder, same with the guy on your right, and a couple of those big blokes behind you as well!".

And the guy says "Okay, I'll tell it a little more slowly then…"


Q: How does a snowboarder introduce himself?

A: "Ohhhh - sorry dude!"


Q: What is the difference between a snowboard student and a snowboard instructor?

A: Three days.


"Mummy, mummy, I want to be a snowboarder when I grow up!”

"Now Johnny, you can’t do both."


Photo Snowboarding Perisher www.VisitNSW.com