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Travel,History ian 1/2/2014

Rydges Horizons Snowy Mountains in is Jindabyne, a delightful little spot that takes its name from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘valley’. There are quite a few place names with Aboriginal origins – there’s Adaminaby, meaning ‘camp’ or ‘resting place’, Nimmitabel, meaning ‘source of many streams’, Cooma, meaning ‘open space’ or ‘big lake’, Yarrangobilly, meaning ‘flowing stream’ and Monaro which curiously means either ‘treeless plain’ or ‘woman’s breasts’.

Guthega sounds a tad indigenous but it was an amalgamation – the surveyor who pushed the road that far went by the name of Guthrie and he hailed from Bega. Other towns and landmarks were also named after people – Mount Kosciusko was named after a Polish patriot by the explorer who climbed it. That chap was Paul Strzelecki and he got a creek named after him. Charlotte Pass was named after the first European female to climb Kosciusko, in 1881.

Berridale was named by the landowner, William Oliver, after his home town in Scotland. And Scotland is also the origin for the charmingly named Smiggin Holes. In Scotland that’s the term for salt lick but they are actual holes. The trampling of hundreds of cattle to get to rock salt put out by graziers caused depressions – they filled with water and became known as Smiggin Holes.



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