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Hotel News ian 12/6/2013

Oh no! Left your phone charger in the room?!

Oh no! Forgot to pack your phone charger?!

At any Rydges Reception there’s an excellent chance of solving either dilemma. Yes, mobile phone chargers top the list of lost property items and lost property policy is to keep items for several months before items are donated or destroyed, so if you check in with a phone that needs charging, you’ll probably find the right make and model in that box out the back!

Lost Property London Public TransportFor Lost Property trivia lovers, there’s no place like London buses, taxis and trains for throwing up both every day items like bags, wallets and cameras as well as curiosities.

Over 220,000 items a year get handed in at the Lost Property Office and these have included thousands of umbrellas, a few dead bats, a vasectomy kit, a jar of bull’s sperm, a theatrical coffin, breast implants, wedding dresses, a 14ft boat and, for some strange reason, heaps of false teeth (yep, that's a case full of 'em). And forget the phone chargers, thousands of people leave their actual phone on London transport every single day.

Now... where did I put my glasses?