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Travel ian 9/20/2013

The ski season comes to an end soon and that, for me, is the start of the best time to head to the Snowy Mountains – crisp air, stunning scenery and streams and lakes beckoning for you to wet a line. And here is a simple recipe for the best Rainbow trout – One, go to the Snowy; Two, catch a trout; Three, cook and eat the trout.

Trout fishing is one of my fondest childhood memories – I never mastered fly-fishing but would happily wade out in cool mountain streams and spin for those wonderful fish – wonderful as a fighting fish to catch and a wonderful treat to take home for dinner. That was in the Murrumbidgee and Tumut rivers – I didn’t fish the Snowy until I was old enough to drive – and the scenery and the fishing there was even better.

Rainbow-TroutAs a little ‘un my mother taught me how to cook Rainbow trout and it is pretty simple – you can pan fry, grill, BBQ or bake. Mum’s usual method was to rinse the fish, pat dry and place on a strip of lightly buttered foil – she’d drizzle a bit of lemon, garnish with a few lemon slices, wrap into a parcel and whack it onto the oven (180 deg C) or an electric frypan for about 20 mins.

You can test with a fork – if it flakes easily, it’s done. Even served as a whole fish it makes for easy eating as well – the skin falls off nicely and you just run your knife down the centre side of the fish, push the flesh to the side and lift the backbone out from the tail to the head (the head will come off, too) – a lot easier than filleting when raw!

These days I use a splash of olive oil rather than butter and I usually pan fry – a 30cm trout takes about four minutes a side – after turning you can add a few things depending on what your taste buds feel like – a little garlic, diced red chilli (no seeds), maybe some cherry tomatoes and/or roasted almonds – season with sea salt and a bit of cracked pepper and a huge squeeze of lemon.

The fish is the important bit and with only a little practice cooking it becomes second nature - and whatever you add to enhance will be fine – ginger, soy, sesame oil, coriander, spring onions, sage, paprika, capsicum, mint leaves – lovely! Serve with vegies or salad and a nice white wine. Bon appetit!

Rydges Horizons Snowy Mountains (Jindabyne) is the perfect base for a summer in the Snowy holiday.


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