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Concert ian 5/28/2014

If you would like to catch Bob Dylan in Melbourne he is playing the Palais Theatre on Monday, August 18 and Tuesday, August 19. General public tickets go on sale from June 3.

Bob Dylan Tour DatesUsually you can predict what fans should expect in a show. Not so with Bob Dylan - in concert he can be amazing – you never get a lot of chat and banter, but if the music is sitting right, you know you are in the room with a musical genius. In some concerts, however, Dylan looks positively uncomfortable – as Bill Bryson would say, as if he would rather be having ‘bowel surgery in the woods with a stick’.

Still, there won’t be too many more tours one would imagine and audiences will undoubtedly be treated to a few new tracks from his current 36th studio album plus more hits than you could poke a harmonica at including Blowin’ in the Wind, The Times They Are a-Changin’, Positively 4th Street, Maggie’s Farm, All Along the Watchtower, Like a Rolling Stone, Just Like a Woman, Lay Lady Lay, Hurricane and Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.

If you are travelling from out of town and would like an overnight stay, Rydges Melbourne or Rydges on Swanston can look after all your accommodation needs while you ponder those age old questions like, how many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man? Or indeed, how many times must a drunk fall down before you call him a cab?



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