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Hotel News ian 11/6/2013

Amazing artist, Mika Utzon Popov, in currently in residence at Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel, creating some magic for the lobby.  Here is a note from the artist...


Airport Utzon 3Here is a little image of inspiration to you all, to let you know we are now well into the paint application stage and it’s looking very interesting.

The paint I settled for is a high pigment opaque matt poster paint. The matt surface combined with the high pigment content allows the paint to absorb light more than give it off. This works (now very visibly on the wall) to 'lift' the work a little from the surface of the wall so as not to 'lock' down the work to the surface of the wall but rather give it a sense of floating.

The deep blue, serves to compliment the rest of the colour palette of the hotel but also to lighten the top heavy surface, just enough to retain the weight of the overall space down in the foyer. At a distance the line appears solid and uniform but is in fact uneven, which is a deliberate attempt to give the line a sense of 'life'.

I look forward to showing you all the end result in the not too distant future.

Kind regards, Mika



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