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Cinema ian 12/30/2013

This movie was a surprise, in more ways than one because I had no real intention of seeing it. Because of a wee hiccup, arrived at my local Event Cinema to catch American Hustle a few minutes after the feature had started, and I didn’t want to miss the opening Christian Bale ‘comb-over’ scene. About to leave when my friendly regular Event employee came over and recommended a change of plan to one of the movies about to start, Railway Man – in his opinion a superior film. I knew a little about the movie – that it starred Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman, and that the plot involved the WW2 horrors in the Burma-Siam railway. The plot was the reason I initially wanted to stay away… but I was already there, the movie was there, the recommendation was there and it had been a while since I’d seen Mrs Urban strut her craft or sullen art…

This is an extraordinary film on many levels. It is confidently directed by Australian Jonathan Tepilitzky and the movie achieves what it sets out to do with flying colours. The acting is superb and the script very solid. It is a powerful and worthy film. It is a tear-jerker no matter how cynical or how hard you fight it and that’s part of what makes it worthy – it is not a movie that manipulates the emotions, but one that takes you on an emotional journey. It is, of course, based on a true story, and the amazing part of that story is that forgiveness can be part of a person’s fabric and strength of character. I’m not sure if it would be within my character in the same circumstances. This is an engaging, rewarding and memorable movie experience. It runs a bit under two hours and is rated M.

Here is the trailer: