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Sport ian 12/17/2013

In the Third Test of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Twelve Aussies winning

Eleven Poms losing

Ten Red Frogs a-leaping*

Nine batsmen batting

Ashes_UrnEight catchers catching

Seven centuries

Six(es) clearing ropes

Five Golden Ducks

Four bowlers bouncing

Three spinners spinning

Two unbiased umpires

And the Ashes in a lovely little urn…

*Baggy Greens off to the Red Frogs in Perth. Fresh from their sensational volunteer work at Schoolies weeks around Australia, they turned out in the 40C degree plus heat at the WACA to move through the crowd dispensing chilled bottles of water, icy-poles and relief with misty cool vapour from their backpacks. Great stuff!


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