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Hotel News,Event ian 4/4/2014

Townsville Adventurethon 2014It’s hats off to Rydges Townsville’s adventurous Kathryn Konidis who took on the Townsville Adventurethon and nailed it! Kathryn said that she wasn’t setting out to win any sheep stations, just to finish, and mission accomplished in what we think was dashing and humble style!

Adventurethon is similar to a triathlon but is held off-road in areas like national parks, beaches and hiking trails. The idea is that the outdoor locations give more spectacular scenery but stacking some of that scenery can be pretty daunting! The Adventurethon incorporates paddling, mountain biking and running and it is all about setting a challenge for yourself – there are multiple distances and it’s all about what the athlete can pull out on the day – no matter what the individual’s fitness and skill levels are. Here is a link to the official Adventurethon website.

Kathryn trained for about three months for the particular event… at least four times a week doing a cross fit program, a mountain bike ride and ocean or river kayak paddle. Here are Kathryn’s notes on the Big Day…

  • First leg, ocean paddle in a kayak, approx. 13km – very tiring but done in just under two hours…
  • Second leg, 23km mountain bike – mostly over hills, along the beach (total torture), lots of slippery rocks to try and manoeuvre (which I didn’t and did a ‘spectacular’ stack) – got back on and kept going – again done, in 2.5 hours…
  • Third leg, 12km trail run (definitely NOT one of my strong legs) – very, very tiring – again along the beach and mostly mountain tracks – this one took it out of me… another 2.5 hours.

All we can add is a big congratulations, Kathryn… and what were you thinking?!



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