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Attraction,News ian 2/14/2014

They say that fish have a very short attention span so any fish reading this with anticipation will have forgotten about the exciting Cairns Aquarium project way before it opens.

The Cairns Aquarium is currently under development and is aiming at opening in July 2016. Yes, yes, I can hear some people asking, why build an aquarium when you have the Great Barrier Reef sitting just off shore… ahhh, ye of little vision!

People love aquariums and this one will be extra special – and will probably become the biggest single tourism attraction in Cairns. The multi-million dollar venture will feature myriad piscine critters from the ocean, Mangroves and the rivers and streams. There will be crustaceans, stingrays and jellyfish as well as reptiles and amphibians of the rainforest, insects, arachnids, plants… in a nutshell, all the Tropical wonders of nature in one place.

Visitors will be able to sleep with the sharks, see live shows, enjoy interactive encounters, celebrate birthday parties and will certainly have no problem finding Nemo! This will be a fabulous attraction to enhance your Great Barrier Reef experience, whether you visit before heading out or after being on the reef. It will be engaging, educational and a lot of fun.

Here is a link to the official Cairns Aquarium website.  As it says on the website, the aquarium’s aim is “to become the most visited land based attraction in the region for people seeking an enjoyable, undercover, family friendly, safe, affordable, and interactive way of seeing reef and rainforest creatures up close. All within a few minute walk from all downtown hotels.” We guess they are specifically talking about a couple of the best – Rydges Tradewinds and Rydges Esplanade Resort.



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