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Travel ian 10/23/2013

My 17yo daughter, Laura, loves Cairns – she loves the reef, the rainforest and the restaurants – she also loves the adventure and the laid back atmosphere…

A couple of years ago Laura went on an exchange to the US for six months, where she lived with her ‘host Mom’, Cindy, in Michigan – in a couple of weeks Cindy will visit Australia as part of a tour organised by a group called Amazing Journeys with highlights that include Melbourne, Ayers Rock, Sydney and, of course, Cairns.

Cindy was a fabulous host – apart from giving Laura a stable home life, she took her to places like New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Canada. Now it’s Laura’s turn to show Cindy about…

While Laura has bungy jumped in Cairns, that’s not Cindy’s cup of adrenalin so they are going to take a hot-air balloon ride instead. Also on the ‘itinerary’ is to take a high speed catamaran to Green Island to swim and snorkel on the Barrier Reef and maybe an intro scuba dive.

They’ve allocated a bit of ‘Cairns time’ to explore the town – the art gallery, shopping and sample a couple of eateries. They plan to head north to have a look at Port Douglas and then into the Daintree and up to Cape Tribulation.

Before heading to Sydney on the last day they have booked the Kuranda Skyrail to explore the rainforest from the canopy. Should be a great trip and hopefully there will be some good photos to post!



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