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Cinema,Festival ian 12/9/2013

Congratulations to Sydney movie maker Matt Hardie for winning this year’s Tropfest (the world’s largest short film festival). Matt wrote, produced, directed and starred in a wonderful seven minute drama-comedy called Bamboozled. The movie is below and it is a beautifully structured seven minutes – engaging and entertaining with a totally bamboozling twist.

There have been criticisms of the movie being homophobic (or ‘transgender-phobic’ if that is a word) but I don’t go along with that – to me it the result of taking a solid idea, running with it and then giving the audience a surprise.  One of the judges, Red Dog director Kriv Senders, said this about his criteria for judging – “anything that affects me… that hits me in the solar plexus”. Agree!

Matt’s co-star, Aaron Tsindos, shared the Best Male Actor award and Matt takes away a new car and $10,000 prize money.  Each year’s festival comes with a theme – 2013 was ‘change’ and Matt’s movie revolves around a sex change. The 2014 ‘signature object’ is a mirror.

PS: Since originally posting, social media has been panning the movie as being degrading and homophobic - apart from you being the judge by watching the video below, here's a link to to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald that has some of the reaction - I stick by my take and agree with Josh Thomas - the tag line is not about being gay, but finding yourself in an embarrassing situation though characters who are homophobic...


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