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Meet The Team ian 3/11/2014

In conversation with Kieran Wright, the urbane and delightfully charming Online & Social Media Manager from Rydges Wellington


Kieran, how long have you been working at Rydges Hotels and resorts?

“I started working for Rydges Wellington at the start of 2012 as a Guest Services Agent. But my association with the hotel began six months before that… I was a mere university student living at a hall of residence when I entered a competition run by the hotel to win a 3 month stay in the Penthouse suite. And you guessed it, I won. So, for 3 months, much to the jealously of my fellow university friends, I lived the high life at the hotel. It was probably the best three months of my life! Sometime after the three months was up, I needed a job and figured I already knew everyone at Rydges Wellington so applied for a job there. I got the job and after 12 months of part time work on the front desk, moved into the office as the e-commerce coordinator.”

How lucky are you! That’s a great story. Now that you’re working full time for Rydges Wellington as the Online and Social Media Manager, what’s your favourite part of job? Why do you love what you do?

“I’ve always had a passion for the internet and being a generally social person, so this is the perfect job for me! In this job, I get to combine those two things and get paid for it! At the end of the day, my job is about communication with people and as a very social person that suits me perfectly. I’m super creative too, so coming up with new social media campaigns and associated artwork is a great aspect of the job.”

On a more personal level, tell us about yourself. What are you into?

“I’m a massive TV/movie buff, so you can often catch me glued to a big or small screen. People often get frustrated with me because of it; they ask me to go to the movies to see something with them but chances are I’ve already seen it… Right now I’m into my political dramas/comedy TV shows, House of Cards, Veep, Political Animals, The Thick Of It.”

On an average weekend what would we find you doing? Aside from watching political comedies!

“Generally weekends are spent hanging out with my flatmates at home, or spending the weekend in Auckland with friends up there. Often hanging out with friends and flatmates constitutes making YouTube videos. I’m a bit of a YouTuber, you see. I make short “vlogs” about topics that I find interesting (often film and TV)”

 That’s great, sounds like fun. What about music? What is your favourite song right now?

I’m not really into music. Crazy right?! Who isn’t into music? I kind of just listen to whatever; generally Top 40 stuff. I do however have a soft spot for Lorde. Isn’t she amazing! If I had to pick my favourite song right now, it would probably be something by Lorde; Team or Buzzcut Season probably.

You’re a Wellingtonian, what’s your favourite thing about Wellington?

“I really love the ‘feel’ of Wellington City in general. It’s small enough that you can walk everywhere but is big enough to have all the things you need and want in a big city. I love the cultural scene too. There is always a new play, show or gig happening somewhere.”

 Thanks Kieran.



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