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Attraction ian 5/23/2014

Five ‘less conventional’ Wellington Weekend Activities..

  1. Get in touch with your inner-hipster. Cuba Street is your one-stop hipster paradise; have your moustache groomed to pointy perfection, buy a new denim waistcoat and discuss life’s ironies over an environmentally friendly, ethically and locally produced artisanal cheese. After all, food is about ideology, not taste.
  2. Wellywood Star spotting. Many big movie stars and famous directors have holiday homes in the Wellington region. After a quick Google search, you could be staking out Peter Jackson’s, Orlando Bloom’s or James Cameron’s house. Who knows, if you wait in the bushes for long enough and you might just catch a glimpse! Failing that, political megastar, Judith Collins is in town on most Tuesday’s for Parliament sittings…
  3. Recreate Famous Movie Scenes. No, we’re not talking about ‘Lord of the Rings’ (that would be too easy). We’re thinking more along the lines of ‘The Fast and the Furious’. The Enormous Crocodile Company has been hiring, crocodile themed pedal bikes since as long as anyone can remember and they’re the perfect substitute for modified street cars when it comes to racing along the Wellington waterfront.
  4. Experience Wellington’s wind. No matter what the weather is doing, there is one thing you can always guarantee; it’ll be windy. Wellingtonian’s barely notice it. We most likely just buy 10 times more hairspray to hold our hairstyles together than any other city. If you’re from out of town and want to experience the best of the Wellington wind, we suggest visiting: the Mount Vic lookout, Lyall Bay, or the Te Ahumairangi Hill lookout. (Protip: Umbrellas do not work in Wellington. Put one up and we guarantee it will be inside out within 3 seconds.)
  5. Go pigeon spotting. No, not live pigeon spotting (well, you could do that but there are a lot of them). We’re talking about black and white photos of pigeons glued onto walls, windows, lampposts. An unknown Wellington street artist has taken a leaf out of Banksy’s book and is plastering up pigeons all over town. Some are as small as a matchbox and others the size of a small family sedan. How many can you find?

Oh! And whatever the weather or the weekend, Rydges Wellington will give you the warmest of welcomes for a drink, snack, meal or overnight stay (now with FREE Wi-Fi).



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