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Travel ian 7/8/2014

I am constantly knocked out by the quirky angles New Zealand tourism bodies take to sell their country and cities as holiday destinations. Wellington recently launched a campaign that is creative, left-field and totally on the money… Wellington has things!

They enlisted the services of Scottish-Australian TV star, Darren McMullen. Darren probably isn’t known to a lot of Kiwis but he is known to Aussies and will become more ‘known’ – he was Cleo’s Bachelor of the Year in 2013 so there’s the eye-candy/charisma factor, he is well-known through being the host of the high rating reality TV show The Voice since 2012 and this year he threw acting onto his CV by joining the cast of House Husbands. Wellington has things!

The premise of the commercials – Darren arrives in New Zealand’s creative capital to dispel misconceptions Australians might have about the city and its proximity, being just a three-hour flight away. The two support actors in the video are also excellent. Oh. And apart from that, Wellington has things! And here’s a link to some of the things Wellington has.

They use one of Darren's lines from the video in print… “I’ll admit it, I only came here for the free holiday… but then something happened… I fell in love…” The video below tells Darren’s story of falling in love and if you find yourself in the coolest little capital in the world, Rydges Wellington will look after all your accommodation needs.

PS – in case you are wondering about the surreal photo – that’s not Darren, that’s one of the things promoting this year’s World of Wearable Art Awards Show (September 25 to October 12) where art, design and theatre collide.