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Attraction ian 8/4/2013

Whale Watching CairnsIt’s a humpback haven for the whales off Cairns at the moment and humpback heaven for the whale-watching humans. These mighty mammals have been frolicking, breaching, singing and water-slapping their tails off the coast and Richard from Cairns Dive Adventures went out on Friday with Reef Magic Cruises to enjoy the spectacle and take a few happy snaps. He reckons it’s very difficult to get them to pose, which I guess explains why the one he took up top is a fluke. (Sorry!) The link is to CDA’s Facebook page where there are some more photos. The humpbacks can be 12 to 16 metres long and weigh a massive 36,000kg. Reef Magic Cruises go out each morning for three hours whale watching, departing Cairns at 9:30am.