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Hotel News ian 5/9/2014

Probably most readers will have caught a TV run of the 1956 movie The Court Jester where Danny Kaye has a confusing quest to find the brew that is true… The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true!”

The brew that is trueWell, there no confusion as to which brew is true in the Square Bar at Rydges World Square – the only quandary is which true brew to try. The owner of World Square, Jerry Schwartz, also owns a fine establishment called the Sydney Brewery and because of that some of Sydney’s best tasting beers and cider are on tap – fresh from the micro-breweries on site at the hotel. There’s Paddo Pale, Newtown Bitter, Glamarama Summer Ale and the delightful Sydney Cider. They also make a Darlo Dark, a Surry Hills Pils and a Potts Point Porter.

As they say at the brewery, “From the heart of the city, Sydney Brewery is dedicated to creating the best craft beers in Australia… brewed lovingly by hand from small batches, each variant is designed to epitomise the local style, personality and people of the suburbs that make this city great.”

Our Square Bar also has lots of personality – cosy, intimate, classy with a nice lounge feel and a great outside deck. There’s a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights for that little extra vibe. We look forward to pouring you a very special cold beer or cider – or a colourful cocktail if the mood dictates!

Here is a short video showing how the Sydney Brewery beer and cider is made: